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Newgen consists more than 2000 students 75 teaching staff,15 Non teaching staff,Newgen achieve area top mark in ssc and Countinuing the success


Newgen school was inaugurated by the hard work of MR. Ravi Kumar on 01-03-2009. The school is inspired by the ideas and objectives of the Newgen's faith,which stands for the re integration of Indian culture synthesizing the ancient but ever relevant and enduring spiritual values of India adapted to the needs and requirement of the modern times.

At Newgen school we put learning first in every aspects of school life.Our care purpose means we ensure that every learning opportunity is tailored to and responsive to the needs of all our students.

Aims, Objectives and Philosophy:
Newgen believes that the success of an educational institution should be measured by the value it add to each individual.
Ideal education should in a knowledge, shape the character and mould,the personality of the child.

Our goal is to prepare children to
Up hold high standards of ethical,
moral and civic conduct Faster tolerance, co-operation and team work
Produce leaders of distinction and dignity committed to lifelong learning Nurture the future with love and care
Balance between modern and tradition.

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